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Tick Firms and noticeably lightens the skin in just 60 days!
Tick Provides 24 hour moisturisation
Tick Increases skin firmness

Rosken Skin Repair Whitening and Firming Nourishing Cream is a Hydroquinone-free formula developed for treatment of pigmentation and uneven skin tone, whilst increasing the skiní»s firmness and providing 24 hour moisturisation to leave the skin beautifully nourished and silky smooth to touch.
  • Treats Pigmentation and evens out skin tone
    • Contains the active ingredient – Whitenyl Firmex11™ a blend of skin whitening agents.
    • Helps to enhance skin lightening by suppressing the production of dark pigment in the skin by inhibiting and suppressing tyrosinase, the enzyme that regulates the skin’s melanin production
    • Treats hyper pigmented areas (brown marks, freckles, skin discolouration and age spots)

  • Promotes skin firmness and locks in moisture
    • Developed using the active ingredient Lipogard™ which contains a blend of antioxidants including Vitamin E and Q10, which can make the skin look and feel firmer.

  • Provides lasting moisturisation (24 hours)
    • Includes the active ingredient Hydroviton24 a advanced 24 hour moisturising complex
    • Contains Almond oil an excellent emollient and moisturizer; as an emollient it nourishes and softens the skin helping to keep it smooth to the touch, Also used in the treatment of dry skin.

  • Hydroquinone Free
    Suitable for use on all skin types
Apply generously and massage into the skin at least twice a day. Suitable for all over body use and also to treat pigmented areas.

p4 200ml